Asset Inventory Services is a series of the implementation of recording assets activities which include: asset identification, physical check on asset, checking conditions and other asset attributes, labeling, and administrative arrangements. This was done to obtain a high level of confidence in the existence of assets and completeness, as well as to see the current condition of the asset. The results of this activity is very useful for companies to know the quantity and quality of the assets that will provide convenience in their asset management. 
We have a skilled and experienced personnel in implementing asset inventory. Both in the making of methodology, the implementation, organizing teams, etc. Asset inventory is a specific job that depends on the purpose and type of business of each company.

Base on how implement in the field, there are two kinds of inventory: (1) inventory on the basis of the list of assets that have been owned by the company, and (2) an inventory of the existence of real assets that exist in the field (fact finding).

Asset inventory activities in general is as follows:
  • Identification of the assets,
  • Organizing field teams,
  • Physical checks on the existence of assets in the fields,
  • Completion of working paper on the current condition of assets and other asset attributes including photo capture of each asset. In some cases if necessary, the location of assets will be recorded in the GPS coordinates,
  • Tagging on the asset, code labels can be numeric codes, barcodes (1D), DataMatrix and QR Code (2D),
  • Data administration, quality control, and reporting. This process starts from the collection of working paper from the field, data entry into the application tools including photos uploading, data filtering and reporting.

The client is any entity or company that needs:
  • List for certain assets and real assets for valuation purposes,
  • The existence (existence and completeness) of assets for internal management needs, financial advisors, and external auditors,
  • Current condition of the asset as an initial condition (cut-off position) of the implementation of asset management.

PT AKA supported by experienced personnel with specific specialties on assets inventory:
  • Experts in the fields of financial management, accounting, industrial management, banking, telecommunications, information technology, management strategies and financial engineering,
  • Having experience in conducting an inventory of several leading telecommunications companies which its assets spread across Indonesia,
  • Experts in designing methodologies and supported technologies appropriate to the needs of the client, and organized hundreds of surveyors spread to all parts of Indonesia, where the asset is located.

Several companies in various industries; PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk., PT Indosat Tbk., PT Bank Mandiri Tbk., As well as several other companies engaged in automotive manufacturing, poultry, etc.


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